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About Relax Foot Spa

Relax Foot Spa, Philadelphia PA

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About Us


Located in Philadelphia, PA, we strive to provide highly standard services with friendly attitudes to all value clientele. With years of experience, we bring certified organic herbs for every customer's relaxing and smoothing herbal foot bath experience.

What We Offer

1. Private Room

2. No Appointment is Needed

3. Hot Steam Towel Clean

4. Full Line of Esthetic Services

5. Pampering for Men and Women

* The following people are not suitable for foot massages:

  • Pregnant Women (It is not recommended to massage for the first 3 months and the last 3 months to ensure the safety of you and your baby.)

  • People with an open cut on their feet

  • Patients with varicose veins

  • People with heart disease


No Medical insurance.

No personal check.

Relax Foot Spa, Philadelphia PA
Relax Foot Spa, Philadelphia PA
Relax Foot Spa, Philadelphia PA

When you stimulate specific reflex points on the foot, they induce a healing response. If sensitivity or tenderness is experienced, this indicates bodily weakness or imbalances. With repeated practice, these channels of blocked energy can be cleared, resulting in improved overall health. The more you go, the healthier you feel.

What is Foot Spa


Foot Spa is based on the traditional Chinese medical practices of healing the internal organs of our body to prevent any pains or aches within out body.

​The healing is done through a nerve network in our body. Our body nerve network goes from foot and hands to the top of the head and connects all vital organs on the way. There are a total of 12 nerve channels in our body, 6 of which are located in our feet. There are a total of 66 nerve end points on our feet. Therefore, our feet are of vital importance to the blood circulation and the conditions of our internal organs. Foot Spa is performed by immersing your feet into hot herb-boilded water. Then we allow the nerve channels to absorb the heat along with the Chinese herb into your internal organs, thus healing your body and strengthening your health.

What is Foot Reflexology


Foot Reflexology  massage can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries, or even everyday work and play. At Relax Foot Spa, your massage therapist will apply traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques to the foot. This will not only help relieve toe pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis, but also decrease stress and anxiety in the entire body.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Increases Circulation

  • Helps Reduce Stress

  • Reduces Tension

  • Promotes Well-being

What is Cupping

When receiving cupping, it will leave circular marks on the body. The different color marks after cupping represent the presence of different conditions. Light color indicates normal, dark color indicates problem or moisture, and the darker the color, the more severe the symptoms. If there are blisters it indicates that the moisture is heavy, and fog in the cup indicates that there is fog or chill from the body. According to the different physical conditions of each person, the symptoms are different. The time for the marks to fade is different, the strong body fades quickly, if the body is weak and slow, it usually fades in a week or so.

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